​First Quarter Impact:

For the ​​​​first quarter of 201​7, FT Cares Foundation impacted ​26 organizations totaling $​​​​72,436.05.

Impact September 2016: 9/11 Memorials & Survivor Support

​September 201​7 donations will be posted when available; below are the ​​​September 2016 Impact donations so you can see the organizations the Foundation has previously impacted. 
  • $2,000 was granted to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum which honors the nearly 3,000 victims of these attacks and all those who risked their lives to save others and recognizes the thousands who survived and all who demonstrated extraordinary compassion in the aftermath.

  • The Flight 93 Memorial was made to honor the passengers and crew of Flight 93, who stopped the terrorists on September 11 from reaching their target by fighting the hijackers. To honor the memory of those lost, the Foundation was honored to donate $2000 to the National Park Service’s Flight 93 National Memorial.

  • The Foundation was proud to donate $2000 to the Pentagon Memorial Fund which is dedicated to developing educational resources and outreach opportunities to help visitors understand the historic significance of the site and the events that occurred on September 11, 2001.

  • Voices of September 11 is an organization that continues to address the long-term needs of those impacted by 9/11, while helping communities prepare for, respond to, and recover from other acts of mass violence and disasters. In support of that mission, the Foundation was pleased to contribute $1000.

  • Formed in the aftermath of 9/11, Tuesday’s Children is a response and recovery organization that supports youth, families and communities impacted by terrorism and traumatic loss. The Foundation donated $500 in support of its efforts.

  • The 22 KILL movement started after the VA released the staggering statistic that an average of 22 veterans are killed by suicide every day. 22KILL has committed to researching and understanding the genesis of this epidemic, and educating the general public on the issue. The Foundation was honored to donate $1500 to helping end this tragedy.