June's Service Projects

Jul 15, 2015

by Jane Doyle

June is a great month for getting involved! School is out, warm weather is here (MORE OR LESS!) and a summer of fun continues! But the need for charitable acts doesn’t go away during vacation time, so the Foundation gave you several opportunities for service this month, and you answered!

  • Food pantry collection for Northern Illinois Food Bank—OVER 500 POUNDS WERE DONATED BY YOU!
  • Decorating of flower pots to be planted with flowers and taken to senior centers—NEARLY 30 POTS WERE DECORATED AND PLANTED WITH A VARIETY OF FLOWERS!
  • Cookie drive to help individuals going through the grieving process at Fox Valley Volunteer Hospice—A FEW TRAYS OF GOODIES WERE BAKED UP AND DELIVERED!
  • Collection of books for kids of all ages to help economically-challenged kids or under-achieving schools to be able to access books and continue literacy growth during months when schools aren’t in session—ONGOING, BUT SO FAR THE BOX HAS BEEN NEARLY FILLED!
  • School Supplies to be given to schools in underprivileged neighborhoods—A LARGE SUV WAS FILLED WITH SUPPLIES FOR THE ORGANIZATION “SCARCE”!

All service projects were designed to get your kids involved too. We believe teaching kids charitable acts at a young age helps them appreciate not only the good things in their own lives, but sets them up for a lifetime of helping others----always a good thing. Read Lisa’s POST of the teachable moment she had with her sons as they helped her deliver food to the Northern Illinois Food Bank.

I hope by this time you’ve taken a look at our new website. It was time to update our site and add more features to it, and I’m delighted Rob Blair and Josh Bredemeier undertook the journey with me. As we continue to grow, we want to make sure the website gives you access to information you can use. The website allows you to see what we’re doing every month; ways for you to be involved; the funds we receive and how they’re being allocated; stories from our own folks and ways they’ve others, and much more!

As we enter the summer months, I hope you and your families will enjoy all that summer brings with it. Thanks for joining the Foundation in one of our service projects. I’ll end with one of my quotes about serving:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” (Margaret Mead)