Almost Home Kids

Oct 30, 2015

By Lisa Weier

The concept for Almost Home Kids was developed in 1992, by two mothers who were determined to keep their children out of the hospital, but were exhausted due to the 24/7 medical needs of their children. At that time, community facilities outside the hospital settings did not exist that were equipped to provide care for the complex medical routines of children who were medically fragile. The program was intentionally located in a residential setting. Almost Home Kids opened its doors in Naperville in 1999, to serve those exceptional children and their families across the State of Illinois and beyond.

This year, Almost Home Kids began building a healing garden to give children with medical complexities a therapeutic environment for respite and healing. The garden design incorporates plants, flowers and trees, as well as soothing water elements and sensory items at eye level for children in wheelchairs. A brick paved path provides access to the garden, including crushed granite and bamboo. FT Cares was honored to help fund the garden and is proud to have planted a tree as a lasting legacy of our support. 

Almost Home Garden