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Lee Hoffner

Riding for a Cure

Apr 20, 2015, 11:39 AM

Our own Lee Hoffner shares his story of a “ride for a cure” he took part in.

In all of its forms, cancer is both a scourge and a thief and few of us have managed to avoid having our lives affected by it.

So, when I heard about the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride to raise funds for combating prostate cancer (www.gentlemansride.com), I decided to ride. I joined 165 other riders in Chicago on Sunday morning, September 28th. Chicago was one of 220 cities worldwide, with a total of over 20,000 riders, all of them looking distinguished (sense a theme, here?...) in jacket, tie, vest and the occasional waxed moustache – even the occasional kilt, to ride and raise funds for the fight. We met our fundraising goals and, worldwide, the ride exceeded its goal of $1M, reaching a total of $1,462,287.00.

As great as that is, this is just a drop in the bucket in the general fight against cancer. If you have an opportunity to help kick cancer’s butt (especially if you can do it while riding!), I hope you will take it. Because cancer steals – and that’s just not cricket!

Listen to a podcast with Lee and some of his buddies’ reflections on ‚Äčtheir ride.

Lee Hoffner
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